Keep money safe when traveling



Everyday, lots of people from different parts of the world travel from one country to the other. It may for business purpose, holiday tour, study tour or may be for some personal work. Well, during traveling to any holiday destination, it become important to follow some tips to keep money safe when traveling. It is true that none has enough idea what bad luck may arise, during traveling.

Therefore, to stay protected you need to follow tips to keep money safe when traveling :

• Never keep your entire money in your luggage or try to hide it on your body. Keeping money at one place can bring dreadful situation. One of the best places to keep money safe when traveling is by hiding them in your socks or shoe.

• While traveling abroad, use credit card, as it will consume less space. Credit card is one of the wisest ways for money transactions when traveling. Well, before departing your home, try to pre-pay everything and this will make your wallet lighter.

• Carefully list out all your travelers’ checks before traveling. Keep a Xerox copy, safe in your room or in your hotel room. Never carry receipts or travelers checks during your trip. It is wise to keep a copy or you can keep it in a safe place.

• Never keep traveler’s checks or money in your luggage. Your luggage can be robbed from you when traveling.

• Use money belt strap to keep your money safe when traveling. You can keep your travelers checks, credit card, important documents and money safely in it.

• Keep Xerox copy of all-important documents and other identification proof. You can go for scan, as it will give a definite look and uniqueness.

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