Paris vacation and travel tips




Paris is one of the most charming and addicting cities of the globe. It is full of enchanting attractions and the beauty of the city will leave you spellbound once you have been there. It is true that the city of Paris is also called as the place of lights. Paris is lovely and fascinating and is also known as a romantic city of the world and is famous amongst honeymoon travelers.

At the same time, city of Paris is also famous for setting new trends related to the world of fashion, culture, architecture and many more. Paris is accompanied by thousands of travelers from different parts of the world and the city of Paris has great accommodation facilities for these overwhelming numbers of tourists.


Most of the people are fascinated to visit Paris because of amazing buildings and classic galleries, along with some famous tourist destinations and churches. At the same time, the city of Paris also has some fantastic theme parks, rain forest along with gardens. Some beautiful and huge bridges across the city is enhancing the romantic atmosphere of Paris. The major tourist attraction of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This amazing tower was constructed in the year 1889. This tower is nine hundred and ninety feet long. You can just imagine the moment, when you reach the top of this tower and view the entire city. It is simply an amazing and fascinating experience that you will never forget.

Other main attractions:

- Disneyland Paris, Louvre Museum, Our Lady of Paris, Palace of Versailles


Visitor information center : approaching a visitor center that is located in the city of Paris is not a bad idea for newbie travelers. You will be able to approach the visitor information center with the assistance of public transport. You must know that that a Double Decker bus ticket will allow you to see the entire city of Paris within one day. During the bus journey to travel around Paris, you will be able to get a headset on rental basis that will allow you to listen to the guided tour in your own preference for language

Car : If you are in Paris and driving a car, then keep in mind that people who drive cars in Paris don’t have any rules. They may drive however they desire to. If you are hiring a car to move along Paris, then accomplish the booking with a good travel agency. They will equip you with the list about where to and where not to park the car.

Subway : Always use the metro or the subway. This is the most convenient way to get around Paris. Before you opt for the subway, make sure that you have brushed up your French terms. This will bring you more help while trying to buy tickets and you can easily understand the navigational map for the subways.


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