London by nigth : Best Places to go

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London by night : where to go ?

london by night

London by night is everything you want to see and you will find it right down the street, wherever you stay. London is the city which offers you a memorable night surrounding. When the sun goes down, you can visit the city starting with the most famous dance clubs which are offering every kind of music, live entertainment, films, pubs, and funny nightlife activities in family.

The Magnificent Mile is one of the London Nightclubs which is home of art museums and many galleries. Try to experience the Soho district of the London city at least once and you will definitely like the only historic centre of London nightlife. Soho will never fail when it comes about getting there on Friday and Saturday nights.

It was also renowned for the sex shops which today are not so prominent with trendies which are taking over with bars and restaurants, but not so fast. However, it will still remain a wonderful place to visit. Old Compton Street is the most prominent area in the city with many bars and shops. This is also home to several entertainment venues like The Vintage House.

London's Chinatown is renowned due to its oriental gates along the street. Gerrard Street will keep offering Chinese restaurant. If you want to taste something more different, try the Tai location on the same Greek Street. Here, besides the usual food, the menu consists of organic vegetarian and tasty dishes too, for people who enjoy the oriental food. The usual pizza visitors ever tried should never miss. Pizza Express and All Bar One is ready to offer excellent food at low prices

At similar prices you may try the Moon Under Water pub which is situated in the same area and will offer beers at good prices. From the outside this place you may not like so much, but in the inside it is huge and delightful, a place to go with your family or a group much larger.

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